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Company Search Results:
Commodity = "SCRAP METALS"
(752 of 8078 companies)
Samuels Recycling Company Green Bay, Wisconsin
Schupan Recycling Wyoming, Michigan
Shelmet Corp. Lake Worth, Florida
Shine Bros. Corp. Spencer, Iowa
Shine Bros. Corp. of MN Worthington, Minnesota
Sims Metal Management Hayward, California
Sims Metal Management Rancho Cordova, California
Sims Metal Management Redwood City, California
Sims Metal Management Sacramento, California
Sims Metal Management San Jose, California
Sims Metal Management Stockton, California
Sims Metal Management Chicago, Illinois
Sims Metal Management Jersey City, New Jersey
Sims Metal Management Jersey City, New Jersey
Sims Metal Management Memphis, Tennessee
Sims Metal Management Richmond, Virginia
Sims Metal Management Tabb, Virginia
Sims Metal Management Corporate Office Richmond, California
Sims Recycling Solutions Hayward, California
Sims Recycling Solutions, Inc. Franklin Park, Illinois
Siouxland Recovery Sioux City, Iowa
Sonoco Recycling, Inc. Hartsville, South Carolina
State Metal Industries Inc. Camden, New Jersey
Sun Valley Paper Stock Inc. Sun Valley, California
Super Metal Recycling & Equipment Inc. Toronto, Ontario

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S & D Salvage Ohio
S & H Steel Center Mississippi
S & J Aronson Inc. Wisconsin
S & J Metal Recycling Texas
S & L Auto Parts Minnesota
S & L Auto Recyclers Inc. Ontario
S & L Recycling New Jersey
S & M Management, Inc. Pennsylvania
S & M Recycling Inc. Ohio
S & S Auto Parts Inc. New York
S & S Metal Recyclers II, c/o Ecology Tech Inc. Illinois
S & S Salvage & Recycling Missouri
S & S Specialty Corp. New York
S & T Metals Pennsylvania
S & T Steel Texas
S & W Waste New Jersey
S I M O N Recycling New York
S R C Corp. Minnesota
S T R Scrap Metals Florida
S-D Coin & Bullion Exchange California
S. Letvin & Son Inc. California
S. Malz & Son, Inc. New Jersey
S. Strogoff & Co., Inc. Massachusetts
S. Yaffa's Sons New Jersey
S.A.L.V.A.G.E. Colorado
S.E.E.R. Florida
S.H. Masters & Son Ontario
S.J. Harling Ontario
S.J. Nudelman & Son Oregon
S.J. Russo Scrap Metal Services California
S.K.B. Auto Salvage Ltd. British Columbia
S.R. Robinson & Co., Inc. Illinois
S.S. Belcher Company West Virginia
S.W.C. Recycling New Brunswick
SA Recycling California
Saab Metals Corp. Pennsylvania
Sabel Steel Service Alabama
Sabin Metal Corp. New York
Sac Val Waste Disposal California
Sachs Steel & Supply Co. Missouri
Sacks Bros., Co. Nebraska
Sadler Salvage Co. Pennsylvania
Sadlers Auto Salvage Kentucky
Sadoff Iron & Metal Co. Wisconsin
Sadoff Iron & Metal Co., Div. Sadoff & Rudoy Ind. L.L.P. Wisconsin
Safe-Start Battery Florida
Safer Steel Co. Louisiana
Safety Kleen Corp. Massachusetts
Safety Kleen Corp. Texas
Safety-Kleen Arkansas
Safety-Kleen Canada Inc. Ontario
Safety-Kleen Corp. Indiana
Safety-Kleen Corp. Missouri
Safety-Kleen Ltd. British Columbia
Safran Metals Inc. Illinois
Saguenay Scrap & Parts Co., Ltd. Quebec
Saine Scrap Metal Texas
Saint Charles Scrap Illinois
Saint Hubert Fer & Metaux (2004) Inc. Quebec
Saint John Recycling/Fundy Shredding New Brunswick
Sal Scrap Metal Co., Inc. New York
Salem Auto Wreckers Oregon
Salem Iron & Metal Co., Inc. Pennsylvania
Salem Metal Recyclers, Inc. New Hampshire
Salg Company Inc. Connecticut
Salient Auto Salvage New York
Salina Iron And Metal Co. Kansas
Salinas Disposal Service California
Salisbury Auto Salvage Massachusetts
Salitsky Alloys, Inc. Massachusetts
Salvage Battery & Lead Wisconsin
Salvage Center Texas
Salvage I Tennessee
Salvage Supermarket Manitoba
Sam Adelstein & Co. Limited Ontario
Sam's Recycling & Junk Cars, Inc. Florida
Sambucci Bros. Inc. New York
Samco Resources & By-Products Ltd. Ontario
Sammet Towing & Salvage Inc. Ohio
Samor Metals Co. Wisconsin
Sampson Salvage Co., Inc North Carolina
Sams Junk Co. Pennsylvania
Sams Salvage Michigan
Samsung America Inc. New Jersey
Samuel Frank Metal New York
Samuel M. Kemp, Jr. Pennsylvania
Samuel's Recycling Company Wisconsin
Samuels Recycling Wisconsin
Samuels Recycling Co. Wisconsin
Samuels Recycling Company Wisconsin
Samuels Recycling Company Wisconsin
Samuels Recycling Company Wisconsin
Samuels Recycling Company Wisconsin
San Benito Recycling California
San Bernardino Recycling Center California
San Diego Recycling Co. California
San Fernando Metals Inc. California
San Francisco Metals California
San Jacinto Iron & Metal Texas
San Jose Metals Co. California
Sanco Disposal & Scrap Metal Ontario
Sand Springs Metal Processing Corp. Oklahoma
Sanders Lead Co., Inc. Alabama
Sandhill Disposal & Recycling Inc. Ontario
Sandia Metals New Mexico
Sandlian Iron & Metal Kansas
Sandusky Steel and Supply Co. Ohio
Sandy & Buddy Beards Square Oklahoma
Sandy's Auto Parts British Columbia
Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. Ontario
Sanford Steel Trading Co. Pennsylvania
Sanger Co., Inc. Pennsylvania
Sanner Brothers Salvage Colorado
Sanner, W.W. Pipe & Salvage Oklahoma
Santa Ana Metal Co. California
Santee Cooper South Carolina
SARCAN Recycling Saskatchewan
Sarnelli Bros., Inc. New York
Sarnia Auto Wreckers Ltd. Ontario
Sarro T Salvage New York
Saskauto Salvage Operations Saskatchewan
Sattler's Recycling Center Connecticut
Sauerssig Construction & Salvage Kansas
Saunders Auto Parts & Repairs Ontario
Savages Metal Bottle Exchange New Brunswick
Savannah Steel & Metal Co. Georgia
Saw Mill Auto Wreckers New York
Saxonburg Boulevard Auto Parts Pennsylvania
SBI Trading Co. Texas
Scarboro Salvage Ontario
Scarborough Auto Parts Inc. Maine
Scarpati's Auto Salvage New Jersey
Scenic Rivers Industries, Inc. Missouri
Scepter Inc. Indiana
Scepter Inc.-Seneca Falls Operation New York
Scepter Recycling Texas
Schaap Sanitation & Recycling Minnesota
Schendelman Scrap Metal New Jersey
Schiavone Brothers Inc. Massachusetts
Schilberg Integrated Metals Co. Connecticut
Schilberg Integrated Metals Corp. Connecticut
Schioppo Corp. New York
Schlafer Iron & Steel Co. Michigan
Schlezinger, I.H. & Sons Inc. Ohio
Schmid Auto Salvage Kansas
Schneggenburger, W.A. Co. New York
Schneider Metals Inc. Florida
Schneider, E. & Sons Inc. Pennsylvania
Schneiders Iron & Metal Inc. Wisconsin
Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. Oregon
Schnitzer Steel of California, Inc. California
Schnitzer Steel Pacific, Inc. British Columbia
Schnitzer Steel Products Oregon
Schnitzer Steel Products Co. California
Schnitzer Steel Products Co. Oregon
Schnitzer Steel Products Co. Oregon
Schnitzer Steel Products Co. Oregon
Schnitzer Steel Tacoma Washington
Schofield of Orlando Florida
School Street Light Truck Parts Massachusetts
Schoonover Auto Salvage Wisconsin
Schroth, Emil A. Inc. New Jersey
Schulhofer's Inc. North Carolina
Schulhoff & Sons Scrap Iron Co. Illinois
Schulte Scrap Yard Ohio
Schultz, B. Co. Iowa
Schulz's Recycling Inc. Wisconsin
Schumacher Salvage Michigan
Schupan & Sons Inc. Illinois
Schupan & Sons Inc. Michigan
Schupan & Sons Inc., Indiana Div. Indiana
Schurr Truck Sales Inc. New Jersey
Schuster Metals Inc. Wisconsin
Schwartz Iron & Metal Co. Inc. Michigan
Schwartzman Co. Minnesota
Scioto Valley Recycling Ohio
Scona Pipe & Salvage Limited Alberta
Scone Scrap Service Ontario
Scoria Iron Processing Inc. Indiana
Scott Auto Wreckers Ontario
Scott Road Trading Ltd. British Columbia
Scott Salvage & Scrap Iron Missouri
Scott's Plains Recycling Inc. Ontario
Scottsbluff Recycling Nebraska
Scranton Cooperage Pennsylvania
Scrap Aluminum Processors Florida
Scrap Consulting Services Wisconsin
Scrap Corp. Oklahoma
Scrap Corporation of America Illinois
Scrap Iron Pick-Up D M W Services Connecticut
Scrap Mart Ohio
Scrap Metal Enterprises California
Scrap Metal Recycling, Inc. Florida
Scrap Metal Services Michigan
Scrap Metal Services Rhode Island
Scrap Metals Inc. New Hampshire
Scrap Processing Co. Texas
Scrap Processors Iowa
Scrap Processors Inc. Iowa
Scrap Processors Inc. Iowa
Scrap Products Inc. Illinois
Scrap Recycling Corp. Illinois
Scrap Service Co. Illinois
Scrap Systems Inc. Florida
Scrap-All Inc. Florida
Scrappies Salvage Iron & Metal Ontario
Scrappy Thomas Inc. Florida
Scrub-A-Dubb Barrel Co. Texas
Searcy Auto Salvage Arkansas
Seaside Scrap Metal Co. Connecticut
Seaton Iron & Metal Co. Tennessee
Seattle Barrel Co. Washington
Seattle Iron & Metals Corporation Washington
Sebulsky's, Abe Sons Ohio
Sechelt Pick-Up Recyclers British Columbia
Second Chance Salvage Inc. Florida
Secondary Metal Processing Inc. Indiana
Secondary Resources (Perth) Ltd. Ontario
Segel & Son Inc. Pennsylvania
Seidenfeld & Son Iron & Metal Iowa
Seiki America Oregon
Select Auto Sales Inc. Manitoba
Self Industries, Inc. Alabama
Self Recycling Inc. Georgia
Selogy Scrap Co. Ohio
Selsu Industries Inc. Ohio
Semco Equipment Co. Pennsylvania
Seprish Recycling Center Pennsylvania
Sept Iles Metal Cie Ltd. Quebec
Serlin Iron & Metal Co. Illinois
Service Aluminum Corp. Maryland
Service de Transformation d'Alumine Quebec
Seward Auto Salvage Inc. Wisconsin
Seymour Inc. Maryland
SGI Salvage Operations Saskatchewan
Shaggy's Inc Texas
Shakell's Wrecking Yard Ontario
Shalon Drum Co. California
Sham's Auto Parts/Scrap Ohio
Shamco Metal Recycling Arkansas
Shandon Iron and Metal Ohio
Shaneway Inc. Ohio
Shanholtz Used Auto Parts West Virginia
Shannon Salvage Co. Arkansas
Shapiro Brothers Inc. Missouri
Shapiro Brothers of Illinois, Inc. Illinois
Shapiro Scrap & Steel Inc. Wisconsin
Shapiro, A. & Sons Inc. Massachusetts
Sharier Salvage Ohio
Sharon Auto Wrecking Inc. Pennsylvania
Sharpe's Auto Salvage New Brunswick
Shaw Auto Parts Inc. Idaho
Shaw Auto Recyclers Ontario
Shaw's Wrecking Yard Wisconsin
Shaw, A. Co., Inc. Ohio
Sheboygan Scrap Metals Wisconsin
Sheboygan Waste Material Co. Wisconsin
Shelburne Iron and Metal Ontario
Shelby County Recycling Alabama
Sheldon G Wein Co., Ltd. Vermont
Sheldon Metals Ontario
Sheldon Workshop Michigan
Shelnutt & Sons Scrap Metal Georgia
Shepherd Materials/Metals California
Shepherd's Used Cars Kentucky
Sheppard's Towing & Car Parts Newfoundland
Sher-Mitz Resources Inc. Pennsylvania
Sherbanuk Metals Marketing Ontario
Sheridan Auto Parts Michigan
Sherman's Recycling Service Ohio
Shermans Recycling Service Ohio
Sherwood's Auto Parts Ltd. British Columbia
Shetucket Iron & Metal Co. Connecticut
Shiland Metal Brokerage Co. Alabama
Shiland Metal Brokerage Co. Inc. Ohio
Shinglehouse Auto Wreckers Oregon
Shoreline Recycling & Supply Michigan
Short's Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. California
Shorty's Salvage Idaho
Shorty's Truck & Railroad Car Alabama
Shostak Iron & Metal Co., Inc. Kansas
Shrago, M. & Son Inc. Iowa
Shred-A-Can Recyclers Ltd. Alberta
Shredded Products Corporation, LLC Virginia
Shull's Towing & Parts Washington
Shulman, I. & Son Co., Inc. New York
Shulnburg, R.V. Inc. Florida
Shuswap Salvage & Recycling British Columbia
Shychuck Inc. West Virginia
Sicamous Towing & Auto Wrecking British Columbia
Sidbec-Feruni (Ispat) Inc. Quebec
Sideline Auto Wrecking Inc. Washington
Sidley Mountain Auto British Columbia
Siembida Environmental Inc. Ontario
Sierra Battery Sales California
Sierra Iron & Metal Co. California
Sierra Metals Co. Ohio
Sierra Pacific Steel Inc. California
Sigelman Steel & Salvage Minnesota
Sigma International Inc. New Jersey
Sigmund Auto Wreckers Pennsylvania
Sikora Metals Michigan
Silicon Salvage Inc. California
Siloam Springs Metal Recycling Arkansas
Silver Bell Scrap Metal Florida
Silver Dollar Recycling Nevada
Silver Enterprises Georgia
Silver Pockets Inc. Minnesota
Silver Recovery Systems Canada Alberta
Silver Recovery Systems Inc. Alberta
Silver Services Texas
Silver Star Salvage Saskatchewan
Silver State Disposal Nevada
Silver Steel & Metal Co. California
Silver, W. Recycling Inc. Texas
Silverberg, L. & Company Minnesota
Silverizon New York
Silverman Bros., Inc. Massachusetts
Silverman, Harold Metals California
Silzer Services Ltd. Saskatchewan
Sima Enterprises California
Simcoe Auto Recyclers Limited Ontario
Simcoe County SWMD-North Simcoe Recycling Depot Ontario
Simi Valley Recycling Center California
Simion Fabrication Inc. Illinois
Simko Superior Ltd. Wisconsin
Simon Auto Wreckers Inc. New York
Simon Bastille Ltee. Quebec
Simplicity Engineering, Inc. Michigan
Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc. Michigan
Simpson Truck & Tractor Parts Ltd. New Brunswick
Simpson's Auto Wrecking Ontario
Simpsons Scrap Metal Company Georgia
Sims Bros., Inc. Ohio
Sims Bros., Inc., Bellefontaine Div. Ohio
SIMS Metal Management Aerospace, Inc. Connecticut
Sims Recycling Solutions Canada Ltd. Ontario
Simtor Environmental Ltd. Ontario
Simyak's Scrap Iron & Metal Pennsylvania
Singer Metals Texas
Singer, Ben & Sons Inc. New York
Sinosyntex Recycling Inc. Ontario
Sioux City Compressed Steel Co. Iowa
Sioux City Foundry Co. Iowa
Sipi Metals Corp. Illinois
Sisk Auto Parts Wisconsin
Siskin Steel & Supply Co., Inc. Tennessee
Sisseton Salvage Co. South Dakota
Six Pac Recycling Center California
Skaggs Auto Rebuilding Wyoming
Skagit River Steel & Recycling Washington
Skee's Recycling Inc. California
Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional Recycling British Columbia
Skidmore Auto Recyclers Inc. Maryland
Skillman Metal Corp. New York
Skolnik Industries, Inc. Illinois
Skycraft Parts and Surplus Florida
Skyline Steel Colorado
Skyway Auto Parts Inc. New York
Slater Iron & Salvage Co. Ltd British Columbia
Slater Steel Ontario
Slates, David Salvage Co. Pennsylvania
SLC Recycling Industries Inc. Michigan
Slesnick Iron and Metal Inc. Ohio
Slesnick, S. Co., Inc. Ohio
Slimp Oil Co. Texas
Slippery Rock Salvage Pennsylvania
SLM Recycling, Inc. Georgia
SMC (Canada) Ltd. Ontario
SMC Recyclers California
Smelter Service Corporation Kentucky
Smelter Service Corporation Tennessee
Smet's Auto Salvage Wisconsin
SMI Steel Alabama
SMI Steel - Arkansas Arkansas
SMI--Texas Texas
Smith Auto & Truck Parts Inc. Kansas
Smith Auto Parts & Salvage Co. Alabama
Smith Auto Salvage Massachusetts
Smith Iron & Metal Co., Inc Virginia
Smith Metal & Iron Co. South Carolina
Smith Metals Co., Inc. Tennessee
Smith Recycling West Virginia
Smith Salvage Co. Illinois
Smith Scrap & Salvage Alabama
Smith Scrap Metal Georgia
Smith's Garage & Salvage Yard Alabama
Smith, Benjamin Co. New York
Smithers Bottle Depot British Columbia
Smithrite British Columbia
Smitty's Salvage Wisconsin
Smitty's Salvage & Supply Inc. Wisconsin
Smitty's Salvage Co., Inc. Ohio
SMS Tank Disposal Company Inc. Pennsylvania
Smurfit Recycling California
Smurfit Recycling California
Smurfit Recycling Florida
Smurfit Recycling Oregon
Smurfit Recycling Pennsylvania
Smurfit Recycling Tennessee
Smurfit Recycling Tennessee
Smurfit Recycling Co. California
Smurfit Recycling Co. California
Smurfit Recycling Co. Florida
Smurfit Recycling Co. Indiana
Smurfit Recycling Co. Missouri
Smurfit Recycling Company California
Smurfit Recycling Company Florida
Smurfit Recycling Company Kansas
Smurfit Recycling Company Washington
Smurfit Stone Companies California
Smurfit Stone Container Georgia
Smurfit Stone Reclamation Division Ontario
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. Pennsylvania
Snake Road Auto Salvage Florida
SNF - Maritime Metals New Brunswick
SNF - Quebec Metal Recycle Quebec
SNF Cacouna Metal Inc. Quebec
SNF LP Quebec
Sno-King Recycling Washington
Snowbird Recycling Services Ltd. Ontario
Snyder Iron and Metal Texas
Snyder Scrap Metals Inc. Pennsylvania
Snyder, H. Steel Corp. Pennsylvania
Snyders Auto Wrecking Alberta
Societe Via Inc. Quebec
Sofka Salvage Yard Texas
Sol Alman Co. Arkansas
Sol Levine Scrap Metals Michigan
Solid Value Georgia
Solid Waste Reclamation Inc. Ontario
Solomon Metals Corp. Massachusetts
Solvent Systems International Illinois
Somerset County Recycling New Jersey
Somerset Recycling & Auto New Jersey
Sone Alloys Inc., dba Enos Metals Massachusetts
Sonny's Auto 86 Ontario
Sonny's Auto Salvage Arkansas
Sonoco Products Co. California
Sonoco Recycling Ltd. Ontario
Soo Septic Service Limited Ontario
Sorini Manufacturing Co., Inc. Illinois
Sorrels Used Auto Parts Missouri
SOS Metals, Inc. California
SOS Metals, Inc. California
South Bay Metal/Salvage California
South Bay Recycling Inc. California
South Bend Scrap & Processing Indiana
South Buffalo Auto Parts Co. New York
South Buxton Recycling Ltd. Ontario
South Central Recycling Inc. Alabama
South Coast Recycling California
South Edmonton Truck Parts Alberta
South Mississippi Recycling Mississippi
South Pacific Steel Corp. California
South Shore Auto Corp. New York
South West Automotive Saskatchewan
South Windsor Auto Parts Inc. Connecticut
Southbridge Steel Inc. Massachusetts
Southeast Auto Recycle, Inc. New York
Southeastern Aluminum Recycling Georgia
Southern Alloys & Metals Corp. Tennessee
Southern Auto Parts South Carolina
Southern Central Iron & Metal Tennessee
Southern Foundry Supply, Inc. Tennessee
Southern Humboldt Recycling Center California
Southern Metal Export Co. Texas
Southern Metal Processing Missouri
Southern Metals Co., Inc. North Carolina
Southern Metals Recycling Inc. North Carolina
Southern Recycling Center Illinois
Southern Recycling Inc. Kentucky
Southern Resources North Carolina
Southern Scrap & Metal Co., Inc. Mississippi
Southern Scrap Co., Inc. Florida
Southern Scrap Gulfcoast LLC Mississippi
Southern Scrap Recycling LLC Louisiana
Southern Scrap Recycling Morgan City L.L.C. Louisiana
Southern Scrap Recycling of Houma Louisiana
Southern Scrap Recycling-Mid-City Louisiana
Southern Scrap Xpress Recycling Louisiana
Southern Scrap Xpress Recycling Louisiana
Southern Scrap Xpress Recycling Louisiana
Southern Scrap Xpress Recycling, Ferrous Div. Louisiana
Southern Scrap Xpress Recycling, Stainless & Alloy Div. Louisiana
Southern Scrap, Inc. Virginia
Southern States Utilities Florida
Southern Steel Drums, Inc. Georgia
Southern Tier Auto Center New York
Southern Tin Compress Corp./Southern Recycling Tennessee
Southland Recycling Services, Inc. Florida
Southwest Auto Parts Nebraska
Southwest Auto Wrecking Nevada
Southwest Metal/Trading Co. Oklahoma
Southwest Paper Stock Inc. Texas
Southwest Railroad Car Parts Co. Texas
Southwest Railroad Car Parts Co. Texas
Southwest Recycling Manitoba
Southwest Scrap & Salvage Louisiana
Southwest Wyoming Rehabilitation Center Wyoming
Sovereign Recycling International Iowa
Spalding Auto Parts Washington
Spalding Recycling Inc. Georgia
Spartan Iron & Metal Corp. South Carolina
Spartan Metals Texas
Specht's Auto Wrecking Manitoba
Specht's Garage Inc. New York
Specialty Salvage Michigan
Spectro Alloys Corp. Minnesota
Spectrum Alloys, Inc. California
Speedway Auto Parts Nebraska
Speedway Auto Wreckers Ontario
Speedway Metals Massachusetts
Speedway Recycling & Waste Services Illinois
Speedway Salvage Ltd. British Columbia
Speicher & Gaylord Auto Wreckers Illinois
Speken Iron & Metal Colorado
Spilek Auto Wreckers Ontario
Spirak Auto Recyclers Ontario
Spitz Auto Parts Inc. Pennsylvania
Spooner Auto Parts Inc. Michigan
Spring Air Silver Services Ltd. Alberta
Spring City Recycling Inc. Wisconsin
Spring Lake Auto Salvage North Carolina
Spring Valley Recycling California
Springfield Iron & Metal Illinois
Springfield Metal Processing Ohio
Springfield Recycling Facility Massachusetts
Springfield Salvage Manitoba
Spurlock, Jerry Iron/Metal Inc. Alabama
Square Deal Iron & Metal Texas
Square Deal Metal Recycling Inc. New York
SR Sales Co. Texas
SSI Illinois
SSMP Trading Co. Illinois
St. Amand Auto Service Limited Ontario
St. Charles Metal Recycling Missouri
St. Clair Resources Pennsylvania
St. James Auto Salvage Minnesota
St. Louis Auto Shredding Inc. Illinois
St. Paul Auto & Truck Parts Ltd. Alberta
St. Peter's Bottle Exchange Nova Scotia
Sta-Mik Metals Co. California
Stadium Auto Parts Colorado
Stafford Auto Salvage Inc. Connecticut
Stafford Salvage & Disposal Ontario
Stafford's Inc. Illinois
Stager Wrecking Co. Pennsylvania
Staiman Brothers, Inc./Staiman Recycling Corp. Pennsylvania
Staker Alloys Inc. Ohio
Stall's Used Cars & Auto Wrecking Ontario
Stalloy Metals Inc. Ohio
Stamford Iron & Metal Connecticut
Stan & Gene's Salvage & Steel Minnesota
Stan-Ford Motors Ohio
Standard Auto Wreckers Ontario
Standard Industries California
Standard Iron & Metal Oklahoma
Standard Iron & Metal Inc. Alabama
Standard Iron and Metal Co. California
Standard Scrap Metal Ltd. Wisconsin
Stanford Iron & Metal Arkansas
Star Auto Inc. Wisconsin
Star Auto Parts Inc. Wisconsin
Star of Hope Oregon
Star Scrap Metal Company, Inc. California
Star Valley Steel/Supply Wyoming
Staring Salvage Co. Mississippi
Stark Iron & Metal Ontario
Stark Wrecking Co. Ohio
Starkey's New/Used Parts Ohio
Starline Salvage & Metals British Columbia
Starlite Towing & Wrecking British Columbia
Starow Metal Company California
Starr Scrap Metal Inc. Massachusetts
Startec Environmental, Inc. Ohio
State Auto Parts Georgia
State Iron & Metal California
State Iron & Metal Co. California
State Line Auto Parts Tennessee
State Line Recycling Wisconsin
State Line Scrap Co., Inc. Massachusetts
State Metal Co. Michigan
State Paper/Metal Co., Inc., The Ohio
State Salvage California
State Steel Co. California
State Wide Scrap/Salvage Wisconsin
Stateline Recycling Kansas
Stateline Recycling Kansas
Statewide Auto Parts Virginia
Stave Falls Auto Wrecking Ltd. British Columbia
Stayton Auto Wreckers Oregon
Steel City Iron & Metal, Inc. Ohio
Steel City Recycling New York
Steel Mill Recyclers California
Steel Mill Supply-Napa California
Steel Pacific Recycling British Columbia
Steel Processing Services Inc. Tennessee
Steel Services Saskatchewan
Steel Shearing & Baling Massachusetts
Steel Supply Co., Inc. Wisconsin
Steel Valley Recycling Center Pennsylvania
Steel, Etc. Montana
Steelbro International Co. New York
Steelco Inc. Nebraska
Steffa Metals Co. Pennsylvania
Stelco Inc. Ontario
Stelco-McMaster Ltee. Quebec
Stettler Auto Works Alberta
Steve Weisman & Company Florida
Steve's Auto Parts British Columbia
Steve's Cash for Cans Iowa
Steve's Salvage British Columbia
Steven J. Strulowitz, Inc. Iowa
Stewart Recycling Co., Div. Stewart Companies Inc. South Carolina
Stewart's Scrap Metal Bottles Nova Scotia
Stimac Bros., Corp. Wisconsin
Stinson Bros. Welding Service Kentucky
STM Enterprises/Recycling Center Illinois
Stockton Recycling Center California
Stone City Iron & Metal Co. Iowa
Stone County Recycling Center Missouri
Storie Steel & Wood Products Co. Oregon
Stout & Sons Missouri
Straight Steel Co., Inc. Michigan
Strasser Alloy Steels Ltd. Ontario
Stratford Auto Recycle Ltd. Ontario
Stratford Baling Corp. Connecticut
Strathcona Bottle Depot Alberta
Strauss Industries West Virginia
Streator North Side Iron Illinois
Streetsville Bush Auto Wreckers Ontario
Stricker Brothers Inc. Ohio
Strickland Trading Inc. Alabama
Strictly The Best Scrap Metal Processing Inc. New York
Strong Trucking Alberta
Strope, Don Wrecking Yard Pennsylvania
Structech Quebec
Strunk & Strunk Auto Truck Parts Pennsylvania
Stubbs Iron & Metal Texas
Stubbs Metals & Wrecking Co. Georgia
Stump's Scrap Co. Virginia
Sturgeon Bay Iron & Scrap Metal LLC Wisconsin
Sturgis Iron & Metal Co., Inc. Michigan
Subtractions LLC Maryland
Suburban Metals Ontario
Subway Bottle Exchange Ltd. Nova Scotia
Subway Truck Wreckers Inc. California
Sudbury Iron & Copper Ltd. Ontario
Suffolk Recycling New York
Sugar Creek Scrap, Inc. Indiana
Suggitt Auto Parts Ontario
Sullivan Salvage Ontario
Sullivan, Edward F. & Sons Pennsylvania
Sullivan, William F. & Co., Inc. Massachusetts
Sumitomo Corp. New York
Sumitomo Corp. of America Pennsylvania
Summit Processors Illinois
Summit Pulp & Paper Inc. California
Summitville Recycling Ohio
Sun Enterprises/Webster County Recycling Missouri
Sun Rays Motors & Salvage Arizona
Sun Salvage Florida
Sun State Recycling Gainesville Florida
Sun State Recycling Ocala Florida
Sun Used Auto Parts Florida
Sun Valley Plastics Florida
Sun Valley Recycling Florida
Sunbright Waste Paper Co. Texas
Suncoast Recycle America Florida
Sunny Acres Auto Wreckers Ontario
Sunnyside Metal Processors Texas
Sunrise Towing & Salvage Nova Scotia
Sunset Fibre Industries California
Sunset Garbage Collection Oregon
Sunset Recycle and Sales Ltd. Alberta
Sunset Salvage Ohio
Sunset Waste Systems California
Sunshine Auto Salvage California
Sunshine Auto Wreckers Ontario
Sunshine Metal Processing Inc. Florida
Sunshine Recyclers Inc. Washington
Sunshine Steel Enterprises Corp. California
Sunwest Metals Inc. California
Super L Auto Recyclers (1991) Ltd. British Columbia
Super Salvage, Inc. District of Columbia
Superior Aluminum Alloys Indiana
Superior Auto Parts New York
Superior Auto Parts Inc. Alabama
Superior Barrel & Drum New Jersey
Superior Container Inc. Tennessee
Superior Sanitation & Synpro Recycling Prince Edward Island
Superior Services--Central Wisconsin Wisconsin
Superior Services--Central Wisconsin Wisconsin
Supino Scrap Iron & Metals New York
Supreme Beverage Co., Inc. Alabama
Surf Metal Co., Inc. Connecticut
Surplus Steel/Supply Inc. Florida
Surrey Food Bank Foundation British Columbia
Susanville Recycling Center California
Susquehanna County Recycling Process Center Pennsylvania
Susquehannock Center Maryland
Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority New Jersey
Sussman Bros. & Co. Pennsylvania
Sutton Auto Wreckers Ontario
Sutton Salvage Idaho
Suwannee Auto Salvage Florida
Svinga Bros. Corp. Florida
Svinga Brothers Corp. Florida
Swan River Scrap Metal Manitoba
Swatara Contractors Inc. Pennsylvania
Sweet Inc. New York
Sweet Returns Recycling Georgia
Swidler & Berlin District of Columbia
Swift & McCormick Inc. Oregon
Swift Barrel Co. Texas
Swift Current Steel & Salvage Saskatchewan
Swift's Auto Salvage Iowa
Swifton Recycle, Inc. Arkansas
SWK Trucking Inc. Missouri
Sydenham Recycling & Scrap Ontario
Sylacauga Recycling Inc. Alabama
Sylvan Metals Texas
Sylvia's Auto Parts Inc. Massachusetts
Synpro Inc. Prince Edward Island
Syracuse Barrel Co., Inc. New York
Syracuse Materials Recovery Corp. New York


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